ANAJI, a prominent town within the Oil City of Ghana is back on the track to celebrate her Festival dubbed, HOME COMING FESTIVAL 2019.  The leaders chose the name “HOME COMING FESTIVAL” because, they want their members whom by their quest to search for work overseas, urban areas and diaspora to return back home to participate in her educative festival. This year,the theme for the festival is Promoting Our Culture: Promoting our Developmentimages


They used  to celebrate Kundum as a festival but because there are issues surrounding the stool, they want to use this festival to bring back that joy , entertainment and anxiety of the people in the community.

Moreover, the community today is inhabited by people from different ethnic groups so it is hardly to identify a person who is a native of the land. These and many more are plot for the celebrating of this Festival.

The festival is yet to take place at the forecourt of the Chief palace and thence to the principal street of Anaji. Football tournament, Inter Schools Quiz competition, Health Talks, Symposiums, Communal labour , and others will be organized and then, it will be climaxed by a Street Jam of which under ground Artistes will be invited to perform during the set date.

The actual festival will start from 27th July – 15th August, 2019, said by the Committee Member – Atta Kondua.

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